Ir. Ajar Susanto Broto, MM

Profil Mentor

More than 25 years of experience in risk management, compliance, governance, auditing, corporate planning and strategy, human resources, research and development, and investment. Throughout his career, he has successfully completed various risk management implementation projects, capital raising such as sub debt issuance and IPO, corporate strategy development. In addition, Ajar also held several senior positions in several leading companies in Indonesia. He had served as Executive Board Member (CRO) for Hajj Fund Management Agency, Risk Management and Compliance Group Head in Banking, Corporate Planning and Strategy Group Head.

Professional and Industry Experience:

  1. Leading risk management projects for banking companies.
  2. Leading the GRC project in a investment company.
  3. Leading capital acquisition projects (issuing subordinated debt and IPO) in banking company.
  4. Leading risk management training project for banking companies

Education & Professional Certificate

  • S2 Manajemen, Universitas Indonesia, 2009
  • Pelatihan Manajemen dan Manasik Haji (IPHUIN) 2022
  • Certified Investment Banker (CIB®) Lembaga Sertifikasi Profesi 2022
  • Professional Training Program for Certified Investment Banker Leadership Nasional 11 Desember 2021 – 29 Januari 2022
  • Leadership Skill for the 4th Industrial Revolution Oxford Management Centre 2021
  • Certified GRC Audit (GRCA®) Open Compliance and Ethics Group (OCEG) / USA 2021
  • Preparation for GRCA Certification Grajosa Resources 2021
  • Certified GRC Professional (GRCP®) Open Compliance and Ethics Group 2021
  • Enterprise Risk Management Certified Professional (ERMCP®) (Enterprise Risk Management Academy) 2021
  • Qualified Risk Management Professional (QRMP®) (Lembaga Sertifikasi Profesi)– Mitra Kalyana Sejahtera 2021
  • Pelatihan Persiapan ujian Qualified Risk Management Professional (Center for Risk Management and Sustainability) 2021
  • Certified Risk Professional (CRP®) Lembaga Sertifikasi Profesi –Pasar Modal 2021


  • Badan Pengelola Keuangan Haji (Anggota Badan Pelaksana Bidang SDM, Pengadaan dan Umum, Perencanaan dan Pengkajian) 2020-2022
  • Badan Pengelola Keuangan Haji (Anggota Badan Pelaksana Bidang Perencanaan dan Manajemen Risiko) 2017-2020
  • PT. Bank BRISyariah (Corporate Planning Group Head (Kepala Divisi Perencanaan Perusahaan) 2012-2017
  • PT. Bank BRISyariah (Risk and Compliance Management Group Head (Kepala Divisi Manajemen Risiko dan Kepatuhan)) 2009-2012
  • PT. Bank Bukopin, Tbk (Kepala Divisi Manajemen Risiko (Risk Management Division Head)) 2007-2009
  • PT. Bank Bukopin, Tbk (Kepala Departemen Risko Pasar (Market Risk Department Head)) 2001-2007
  • PT. Bank Bukopin, Tbk (Kepala Departemen Kepatuhan (Compliance Department Head)) 2000-2001